1 year Bloks!

Blocks celebrates one year!

Blocks Health and Social Care celebrates its first birthday today! Exactly one year ago, the campus in Dragalevtsi welcomed its first residents, who today call Blocks their home. A home that changed the destinies of many people. A home where seniors meet understanding, empathy, and warmth, make new friends, and feel complete. A home where the person and his needs matter.

In one year, Blocks brought together outstanding specialists in various branches of the social and health care, who set in motion the much-needed change in the standard and care of the elderly.

Following the world’s best practices in long-term care for the elderly, Blocks reverses the way we look at life after a certain age, providing its patients, residents, and their loved ones with an environment close to home. This gives them security, care, emotional support, and relief, while maintaining a high quality of life. In Blocks, the elderly feel full and live their old age with dignity, and their loved ones are calm that they are in good hands.

Now, I’m sure I did the best for my dad by placing him in Blocks! I am constantly and almost daily informed about his condition, needs and emotions. The radiant and eternally smiling Theodora (senior head of residential care) does not miss the smallest detail, and her kind attitude gives me peace of mind and hope that good people and professionals still exist! From the bottom of my heart, I thank the whole Blocks team for the high professionalism, competence, responsiveness, empathy, and most of all for the warm, humane attitude!”, Tanya Stoyanova, daughter of Hristo – resident in Blocks Adult Care Dragalevtsi Village.

Patient care here is what I know is being done in Europe and I am 100% convinced that it is not being done anywhere else in Bulgaria,” said Borislava Kotsakova, wife of Rosen Kotsakov, a patient at Blocks Hospice.

Blocks is salvation. I would advise everyone who is faced with a difficult choice in such a situation to abandon prejudice and the opinion of others, to inform and seek professional and quality care for their loved ones, because our parents deserve to live their days with dignity in a peaceful environment filled with care and understanding. The fact that you are not able to take care of your loved ones for one reason or another should not make you feel guilty. There is no room for guilt. Life is dynamic, difficult, and complex and as much as we want to be able to handle everything on our own, quite often we can’t even physically succeed. So, trust. I did it and I am grateful that I met people I can count on.”, Todor Nikolov, son of Violetka – resident in Blocks Care for the Elderly Dragalevtsi Village.

These are just some of the comments from relatives of patients and residents that Blocks received during the year.

The warm feedback and the trust built are the greatest recognition for the work of the entire Blocks team. This gives us confidence that we are on the right track. We will continue to try and work hard to have a better future for our mothers, fathers, grandparents, “said Mr. Ilian Grigorov, founder and CEO of Blocks.

Blocks offers a complete and innovative solution in the field of rehabilitation, long-term and palliative care, and care for the elderly, in accordance with the latest world standards and practices. Blocks is located at the foot of Vitosha Mountain and includes 13 single-family houses for elderly people of family type, Hospice, Medical Center and Memory Care Center. To date, the capacity of family-type houses is 86% full and that of hospices is 75%. Next year, the most modern rehabilitation center in Southeast Europe will be opened. To this end, Blocks is collaborating with the most prestigious rehabilitation center in the world – Shirley Ryan Ability Lab.

If you have any questions or need a consultation, the Blocks Health and Social Care team remains available at these contacts.

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