Blocks Medical Center Mladost offers the latest test for cell immunity T-Spot Covid test

Blocks Medical center Mladost expands the list of services offered by adding the innovative test for cell immunity – T-Spot Covid test. The test is designed to determine the T cell immune response after illness or vaccination.

T cells play a key protective role in the body’s encounter with viral infections. Therefore, all people, with few exceptions, who have encountered COVID-19, acquire a T cell response which provides them with good and long-term immunity. Its presence in the body can be detected even after the titers (quantification of antibodies) of antibodies have dropped significantly or disappeared completely.  The test detects the activity of the cell immune response by determining the number of effector T cells. The study has high sensitivity, specificity, and reliability. It determines how prepared our body is for an immune response which determines the prevention of re-infection months to years later. The information and accuracy of the data provided by the T-Spot Covid test are among the main advantages of the study over all other similar tests on the market.

T-Spot Covid test is recommended to be done:

  • After illness;
  • 10 days after the onset of the disease;
  • After full vaccination and in particular – 15 days after the second dose of vaccine;
  • In patients with symptomatic but negative antigen or PCR test.

Sampling for the test takes place as follows:

  • Venous blood is taken in the morning between 08:30 – 10:30 in the Laboratory of the Medical Center from Monday to Thursday;
  • It is necessary to do the blood test on an empty stomach;
  • No pre-registration required.


  • The study reports all known strains and the results are ready the next day after 16:30. They can be taken on the spot from Mladost Medical Center or electronically up to 48 hours after taking the sample.

Price of the test: BGN 290

For additional information and questions, Blocks Medical Center Mladost remains available on tel.: + 359 892 20 2040 or from Monday to Friday from. 08:30 to 17:30.

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