Why Blocks?

Because Blocks is unique in the way it provides a complete and innovative solution in the field of rehabilitation, long-term and palliative care as well as care for the elderly in accordance with the latest world standards and practices.

Each element of Blocks is in its right place with the specific goal of caring for our patients and residents, maintaining their quality of life, promoting their independence and individuality, giving emotional stability and support as well as joy, peace and relief.

Because Blocks manages to close the full cycle of activities and services to care after the acute phase of the disease putting the person at the center of its mission.

Blocks offers the necessary spaces, amenities and high-tech equipment to meet the specific needs of its patients and residents. It provides a comfortable stay and caring environment with opportunities to improve the quality of life and maintain an active relationship with friends and family. For those who seek help or information, our team offers answers to their questions and solutions to meet the unique and individual needs of each person who needs our help.

Because Blocks is resilient and reliable due to the carefully selected team of warm, empathetic, dedicated and loyal people who work for those who need help and care.

Because Blocks offers not only high-quality care for its patients and residents and peace of mind for their loved ones but also an excellent working environment and opportunities for development of its employees.

Because at Blocks you will be in good hands.

“We created Blocks with the ambition to make it synonymous with exceptional care for the elderly and to introduce the most modern standards and practices in our homes and centers. I believe that we will achieve it thanks to a team of the best specialists who will take care of you or your loved ones. You are in good hands!”

Ilian Grigorov
Founder and CEO

The individual approach of our team of highly qualified specialists creates the preconditions for creating a family environment for the residents and puts our rehabilitation and long-term care services at the highest levels in entire Southeast Europe. Blocks Health and Social Care offers not only innovative technologies, but also marvelous living environment for people wishing to live their old days with dignity.

Our campus is situated on an area of 35 decares at the foot of Vitosha Mountain in one of the best districts of Sofia and includes the following:

  • Family type nursing home – 9 one-family houses;
  • Hospice;
  • Modern rehabilitation center, including a hospital with 100 beds and an outpatient care center;
  • Center for persons with various forms of dementia with possibility for accommodation and a daycare center;

The most state-of-the-art rehabilitation center in Southeast Europe includes a hospital with 140 beds, a daycare center and an outpatient care center. Read more →

Medical Center
Ratified specialists in various fields of medicine take care of the health of our patients. The Center has state-of-the-art equipment and offers servicing at the highest level. Read more →

Sеnior living Dragalevtsi Village
We chose a model of nursing homes of the family type to provide our residents with calmness and feeling of home in pleasant social environment. Read more →

Day Care Centre
At Blocks Day Care Centre, we provide day services for people of retirement age with dementia syndrome or other cognitive impairments. Read more →

Blocks Hospice provides a world standard for care and the best conditions for stay of patients who are in the most difficult period of their lives. Read more →

Memory Care
Specialized care for people living with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia is extremely important. That is why we at Blocks have built up safe and secure environment. Read more →

Managers' Team

A team united around the idea of provision of the best care, dedication and mutual assistance stands behind the Blocks concept. These are distinguished specialists who strongly believe in their own qualities and in the qualities of each member of the team. The unique idea of the service, the personal motivation and professionalism of each member of the team contribute to the development of the Blocks Project.

As a part of something unseen so far in our latitudes, they proudly work for a change of the standards and the overall model of living of aged people in Bulgaria.