Blocks Memory Care

Blocks Memory Care

Preserving the quality of life during one of the most delicate states

The problem with memory is an exceptionally delicate state which needs appropriate care and attitude aimed at the preservation of the optimal quality of life. Patience and understanding, the skill of listening and the unconditional acceptance are in its basis.

Care for people living with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia is exceptionally specific and delicate. We, in Blocks, have built up safe and secure environment where the staff is able to exercise close monitoring over the state of our patients.

The programme of the Center offers activities and events aiming at rendering assistance to people with various forms of dementia to work on their cognitive capabilities, enjoying their hobbies and life in calm atmosphere close to home such. The team of Blocks is specially trained to provide care of quality and help the residents to spend their days, encouraged to enjoy life, to experience a feeling of affiliation and purpose as well as to maintain their present skills.

The complex has a specially integrated system for control and a 24-hour surveillance for the safety of our residents.

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