• 1. What are the requirements and what is the procedure for admission to Blocks Hospice and Blocks Senior Living Dragalevtsi Village? What documents are needed?

    In order to fully meet your expectations and needs it is necessary to perform a detailed assessment of the health condition, the level of dependance and the available medical documents of the patient/resident before admission. Here, we need your participation so that our nurse can get acquainted in detail with your condition and provide complete information about the care package we offer.

    When filling the capacity of the structures, Blocks Health and Social Care has a waiting list where patients/residents are accommodated according to the first possible availability and date of inquiry.

    The necessary documents for admission are:

    • ID card
    • Information from a personal doctor and / or other medical documents and / or medical disability commission / discharge summary, test, etc. / if they are not given at an earlier stage;
    • Negative PCR test for COVID – 19 performed up to 48 hours before ingestion.
    • Signed “Service Contract” with a complete and accurate description of the package provided.
  • 2. Is there specialized medical care or 24-hour access to specialists?

    Blocks Hospice offers 24-hour nursing and nursing care. Every day, a hospice doctor monitors the condition of patients, makes necessary appointments to control symptoms and relieve pain.

    Blocks Senior Living Dragalevtsi Village offers 24-hour care to residents by home assistants. A daily nurse is available when the need for medical care arises. For the peace of mind and convenience of our residents, we also offer the opportunity to choose a personal physician who is located on campus. In case of need for examinations of a patient / resident, the doctors from our medical center are available according to a pre-arranged schedule. On site, there is also a possibility for assistance in transporting to a medical institution.

    In the event of emergency or scheduled admission for hospitalization, Blocks has contracts with the most modern hospitals for active treatment in the country, which are in close proximity to campus.

  • 3. What about the personal medications of the patients / residents?

    Upon admission to Blocks Hospice, a nurse makes a detailed inventory of all the patient’s personal medications, this is reflected in the patient’s file and becomes part of the Individual Care Plan. The control over the distribution and reception of the medicines is carried out by the nurse.

    Upon admission to Blocks Senior Living Dragalevtsi Village, a nurse makes a detailed inventory of all personal medications of the resident and the control of admission is carried out by home assistants.

    Upon depletion of personal medications, relatives are responsible to ensure their availability. In case the relatives do not have the physical ability to provide the necessary medication, Blocks Health and Social Care can provide this service for an additional fee.

  • 4. What about the visits of relatives?

    Visits to relative and friends bring pleasure and emotional support to patients / residents and they are welcome at any time. The visits need to be in accordance with the planned procedures and with respect for the personal space of the other patients / residents in compliance with all measures for safety and prevention of infections.

  • 5. Is the food in accordance with the specific nutritional needs of the patients / residents and with their health condition?

    Yes, an important part of admission and detailed nursing assessment is to determine the diet of the patient / resident, according to health status, basic diagnosis and chronic diseases, specific nutritional needs and desires. This is in the competencies and responsibilities of our Dietary Instructor who notes the diet in the Individual Care Plan.

  • 6. Is a temporary absence / departure of the establishment from a patient / resident allowed??

    Yes, this is possible after a previously stated with by the patient / resident or their relatives and after filling in and signing a form for the period of absence.

  • 7. Is it allowed to carry your own furniture and objects in the Homes for Elderly?

    We at Blocks Senior Living Dragalevtsi Village realize the importance and emotion that your favorite objects and things carry. The homes are furnished with all the necessary furniture for your comfort and coziness. Please contact our Administrators and specify what exactly you want to bring, so that and assessment can be made according to the size of the object and the capabilities of the premises.

  • 8. Are pets allowed?

    Pets are not allowed in the Blocks Hospice, given the status of the hospital and the measures for safety and prevention of infections.

    Pets in Blocks Senior Living Dragalevtsi Village are allowed only as part of short-term visits and then the season allows this to happen in the open green spaces around the perimeter of the village.

  • 9. What is the monthly accommodation fee?

    The monthly fee or accommodation package is determined after a preliminary detailed nursing and social assessment to determine the condition of the patient / resident, the level of dependance, specific needs and expectations. The contract which will be signed before check-in contains a detailed description of the services.

  • 10. What are the necessary accommodation accessories?

    Please bring your personal belongings, personal clothes, slippers, pajamas or an important item.

  • 11. How many patients / residents are accommodated in one room?

    Blocks Hospice has rooms with 2 and rooms with 4 beds.  Taking into account the complex and efficient care, the accommodations is in accordance with gender, health condition and level of dependance.

    Every house in Blocks Senior LivingDragalevtsi Village has 5 rooms with 2 beds. Accommodation is tailored to gender, health status, level of dependance and specific preferences stated before accommodation and included in the package during the stay.

  • 12. Are the consumables included in the package price?

    Yes, consumables such as diapers, disposable waterproof mats, wet wipes and cream, bathroom and toilet supplies are included in the set package price.

  • 13. Can the relative spend the night with the patients / resident and under what conditions?

    Blocks Hospice does not offer conditions for sleeping with a relative but has a contractual relationship with the closest hotel “Tsarsko Selo”, where we can assist with accommodation upon prior request.

    Blocks Senior Living Dragalevtsi Village can offer accommodation to a relative only if the respective room does not accommodate a second resident and when paying the price per night, according to the official price list of the establishment.  Upon request for accommodation of a second resident, he will be accommodated with priority. We can offer accommodation at “Tsarsko Selo” for the relative.