Sеnior living
Dragalevtsi Village

Sеnior living Dragalevtsi Village

The “nursing home of family type” model

The decision to leave one’s home for health or for other reasons and to start living in a new place or to send someone close to you to a place unknown for him/her, is sometimes one of the most difficult ones in life. This is why we created Blocks Senior Living where people could feel calm and safe, with all the prerequisites to recognize this place as their new home and to be happy here.

Due to our aspiration to provide our residents with calmness and feeling for home in pleasant social environment, we chose a model of nursing homes of the family type. We located a complex of 13 one-family houses at the foot of Vitosha Mountain to provide the closeness to the countryside and personal space needed by everyone.

Our team of affable and smiling home assistants, who help the residents in their daily routine and needs – toilet, nutrition, cleaning, physical and emotional support, implementation of social activities or simply for keeping company, will also take care of building up friendly and family environment amongst the residents.

Our home assistants provide the needed coordination in events of need of organization of medical aid.

Connection with the family

The preservation of the strong connection with close relatives and friends frequently help for the emotional stability and the maintenance of the quality of life of our residents. This is why we, in Blocks Senior Living, Dragalevtsi Village, encourage the frequent visits by relatives and close friends and the excellent location of the complex provides for fast and easy access from all the ends of the city through the Ring Road.

The facilities in Blocks Dragalevtsi Village

Each of the houses in the complex has comfortable and functional furnishing in conformity with ratified world standards, aimed at providing our residents with possibility to carry out their favorite daily activities in a completely safe manner.

Spacious dining-rooms, living-rooms, modernly equipped kitchens and own elevator are solely a part of the supplements, which shall input additional coziness and comfort into the life of the residents in Blocks Dragalevtsi Village.

Each room in the complex has its own terrace with a view to the mountain, which provides the residents with possibility to spend their time in solitude, reading a book or left alone with their thoughts whilst simultaneously enjoying the view. The safety of our residents is of paramount significance for us, and due to this reason each of the rooms is equipped with a call system.

The elegant ergonomic beds with additional functionality for fixing several positions are another of the conveniences here.

The specially designed doors of two parts provide possibility for exercise of monitoring over the residents by the staff, but also preserve their personal space during rest and sleep. Each of them is solved in a different color for easier and fast orientation of the residents.

A magnificent kitchen with all the needed appliances is at the disposal of everyone who shows a wish to prepare something delicious by him-/herself. Cooking is both a favorite occupation and a very good social activity and we stimulate the independence of our residents. Three main meals are provided for each of the residents by a catering company and the menu for guests with a special diet shall be conformed and developed by a nutritionist.

What is a Memory Box?

Memories mean a lot for aged people, this is why we provide them with possibility to place their most valuable possessions in a box on the wall, which shall make them smile every day. The “Memory Boxes” also play the roles of a landmark, as they shall be placed next to the doors of each of the rooms of the residents.


The socialization of our residents depends on the favorable environment we create.

Each of our houses may accommodate up to 10 residents in 5 double rooms, located on 2 floors. The distribution of the residents is conformed to their gender, level of dependence and individual needs.

Personal hygiene is of exceptional significance in Blocks Dragalevtsi Village, this is why each of the rooms has its own sanitary unit and a bathroom, and our caring assistants provide clean and enjoyable atmosphere in the houses

The common parts of the houses and, in particular, the corridors, are equipped with auxiliary rails, which facilitates the movement of the residents with difficulties for movement.

For greater comfort and due to the fact that some of our residents may have a problem with movement, we built up an elevator in every house, and its size is conformed in such a manner, in which he/she could steadily collect mobility aids.

Unique living environment

The clean air and the touch of the countryside are of key significance for the normal functioning of each person, this is why we built up Blocks in this incredible location. And the green area within the scope of the entire complex – gardens, trees and flowers, bring feeling for closeness to nature, calmness and delight and suppose pleasant walks in the open air.

Blocks Village is a perfect choice for happy and old age of full value. All the daily social activities and occupations contribute to the integration of the residents in the community and bring feeling for home and family. The mission of our team is to provide the needed conditions and care, which guarantee preservation of the quality of life, maintain the feeling for usefulness and individuality of the residents. Further to the invariable provision of security and support, they shall also encourage their independence, and excursions, visits to the theater, the opera house or the cinema shall also be organized for additional variety and good mood.

Security measures in Blocks Dragalevtsi Village

Important: As a security measure, medical and social assessment is made prior to the admission of each resident by our interdisciplinary team aimed at the evaluation of his/her status, level of dependence, specific needs and risk of falling down. Falls may result in serious consequences and our purpose is to anticipate and reduce them to a minimum. If it is judged that the status of a resident supposes a risk of falling down, a special bracelet with a detector shall be placed on his/her wrist, which must not be taken down.

A video surveillance system is installed along the perimeter of Blocks Dragalevtsi Village as well as live security, which performs regular round checks of the complex.

Choose Blocks Dragalevtsi Village

If you wish to learn more about the conditions in Blocks Dragalevtsi Village, please, turn to our team.

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