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  • Day Care Centre

  • Rehabilitation

  • Medical Center

  • Hospice

  • Memory Care


Because Blocks is unique in the way it provides a complete and innovative solution in the field of rehabilitation, long-term and palliative care as well as care for the elderly in accordance with the latest world standards and practices.
Each element of Blocks is in its right place with the specific goal of caring for our patients and residents, maintaining their quality of life, promoting their independence and individuality, giving emotional stability and support as well as joy, peace and relief.

And for those who seek help or information, our specialists offer answers to their questions and solutions to meet the unique and individual needs of each resident and his family.

Because Blocks cares about the quality of life of both its residents and its employees.

Because at Blocks you will be in good hands.

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Aiming at provision of the individual approach we strive for, the complex covers all the aspects and elements of care after the acute phase of treatment and our team is always at disposal 24 hours a day.

    • Senior living

      Senior living

      We chose a model of nursing homes of the family type to provide our residents with calmness and feeling of home in pleasant social environment.

    • Day care centre

      Day care centre

      A person feels best in his home, which he loves and where he is most relaxed, that is why we at Blocks come to you with the necessary medical and social care.

    • Rehabilitation


      The most state-of-the-art rehabilitation center in Southeast Europe includes a hospital with 100 beds and an outpatient care center.

    • Medical Center

      Medical Center

      Ratified specialists in the sphere of medicine and dental aid take care of the health of our patients.

    • Hospice


      Blocks Hospice provides a world standard for care and the best conditions for stay of patients who are in the most difficult period of their lives.

    • Memory Care

      Memory Care

      Knowing how specific and delicate the care for people living with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia is, we, in Blocks, have built up safe and secure environment.


    • 17 DEC 2021
    1 year Bloks!

    1 year Bloks!

    Blocks celebrates one year! Blocks Health and Social Care celebrates its first birthday today! Exactly one year ago, the campus in Dragalevtsi welcomed its first residents, who today call Blocks their home. A home that changed the destinies of many people. A home where seniors meet understanding, empathy, and warmth, make new friends, and feel

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