Blocks Medical Center Mladost has a license for a vaccination center and with us you can be immunized against COVID-19. Our specialists will give you the vaccines available on the market in our country only after a pre-booked time.

Vaccination is performed in the medical center by registering in the online portal of the Ministry of health: https://his.bg/bg/reservation

People without a pre-arranged vaccination time will not be admitted. For additional information and questions, you can contact Blocks Medical Center Mladost by phone: +359 89 220 2040 from Monday to Friday between 08:30 and 17:30.

Guidelines for Candidates for Vaccination against COVID-19:

The currently used vaccines are intended to protect against COVID-19, SARS-Co-2, for people over 16-18 years of age. The vaccine allows the immune system to produce antibodies against the virus and to protect you from the disease. The immune response is strictly individual.

What you need to know or do before getting the Vaccine:

***Talk to your doctor in advance if: you have a severe allergic reaction or if you have had severe side effects with the first dose of the Vaccine.

  • If you have bleeding problems or are taking anticoagulants.
  • If you are taking immunosuppressants: corticosteroids, anticancer medicines.
  • If you are pregnant or breast-feeding or planning to become pregnant.
  • The use of alcohol and heavy physical activity are not recommended on the day of vaccination as well as the next day.
  • At the Vaccination visit you will be examined by a doctor, with control of body temperature and blood pressure.
  • In case of abnormalities, the Vaccine will be delayed.
  • After the vaccine is given, you will be monitored for 15-20 minutes.
  • You will receive an original document with the name and batch of your vaccine, with the date of the first and expected second dose.
  • You will receive information about possible side effects of a local or general nature. These may be pain, warmth, itching at the injection site, fatigue, malaise, chills with fever, muscle, and joint pain.
  • You will receive instruction from the doctor on what medicines you can use in your case.
  • Each vaccine has a different time limit for giving a second dose and building immunity.
  • You can check the degree of your protection with an antibody titer test.