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Blocks Hospice

Our mission is to help

In events of fight with a serious disease, each person needs optimal care and attitude full of understanding and devotion. As early as from his/her first steps in Blocks Hospice the patient meets highly qualified specialists, whose main purpose is the maximal possible preservation of his/her quality of life, alleviation of the symptoms and control of the pain. The patient and his/her relatives and close friends may be assured that they shall receive full physical, emotional and mental support here.

Each smile of a person in need of palliative care is a sign for us that we successfully realized our mission. Getting aware of the importance of maximal contact and easy access of our patients with their relatives and close friends, we, in Blocks Hospice, chose the optimal location for this direction.

The standard of living at Blocks Hospice

Taking the various states of our patients into consideration, we equipped the rooms with specialized high-tech medical beds with antidecubital mattresses, with embedded protective partitions. The needed facilities and own oxygen installation are also provided for in every room.

Highly qualified team of specialists is available 24/7

A highly qualified team of medical doctors, nurses, rehabilitators, attendants and a clinical psychologist are at disposal for the needs of our patients. A talk with the Senior Nurse is carried on at admission of a patient for detailed acquaintance with his/her specific status, and after that a member of the nurse team accompanies him/her to his/her room and bed, helping him/her with the accommodation and showing him/her all the conveniences, equipment and the special devices in the sanitary unit. Each member of the team is dedicated to the mission to provide the patient with maximal security, comfort and calmness.

Our professional team of nurses and attendants approaches each patient with empathy, care and genuine sympathy, whilst:

  • taking care for the alleviation of the symptoms of the disease;
  • rendering emotional support;
  • exercising control over the pain.

Blocks Hospice provides a full package of services and care, whose price is conformed to the specific health status of the patient and to the level of dependence.

Choose Blocks Hospice

If you wish to learn more about the conditions in Blocks Hospice, please, turn to our team.

email: hospice@blocks.care
Phone: +359 89 200 2020
Monday – Sunday from 09:00 h. until 18:00 h.