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Blocks Homecare

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Aged people as well as persons with health problems need special care which should daily inspire strength and desire for life of full value in them. The good physical and mental states are inseparably connected and strongly depend on the psychological and emotional support input in the basis of our service.

Home care may be the key to the attainment of the possibly highest level of life. They may provide possibility for safety, security and enhanced independence; they may facilitate the management of a continuing medical state; help for avoidance of needless hospitalization; render assistance for recovery after a disease, injury or stay in hospital – and all that through care provided in the comfort of the home. Home care may include:

  • Rendering assistance at daily activities as getting dressed, bathing, preparing food and fulfillment of household tasks;
  • Friendship and company;
  • Therapeutic and rehabilitation services;
  • Long-term hourly nurse care at home, proper for aged persons with a chronic disease, injury or damage;
  • Short-term, directed by a medical doctor, care aimed at the recovery from a disease, injury or preventing stay in hospital.

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Professional attendants, nurses, assistants, therapists and rehabilitators provide short- or long-term care at home, depending on the needs of the person, focusing onto the personal attitude, loyalty and dedication.

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