The construction of the one-of-a-kind rehabilitation hospital in Bulgaria, part of the Blox Health and Social Care, has been completed

On June 17, the Bulgarian flag was traditionally flown to the last level of the largest and most modern rehabilitation center in Bulgaria. Blox Health and Social Care marked the hospital’s completion during the ceremony, which began less than a year ago.

The event was attended by the founder and CEO of Blox, Mr. Ilian Grigorov, the co-founder and CEO of Blox, Blagoy Palev, Dr. Racho Ribarov, a shareholder in Blox, the owner of the construction company “Diana Commerce,” Kolyo Kolev, together with the executive director of the company that constructed the building, Zhivko Angelov.

This new hospital will place Bulgaria at the center of social services and rehabilitation throughout Southeast Europe, as it will be among the most innovative and modern centers in the region. The building will have four floors and will include a hospital with 100 beds and an outpatient center. At the beginning of 2022, and for the first time in Bulgaria, a hospital will offer technologies, such as antigravity paths, a hydrotherapy pool, a water treadmill, and high-tech robotic machines for movement.

“The creation of a hospital for rehabilitation, according to a world model, is a big and important step for the development of health services in our country. I believe that raising quality and standards in this sector is particularly important. That is why I am extremely proud that today we are getting closer to the final phase of completing and opening the Blox Hospital for rehabilitation. Thank you to the whole team of specialists and partners with whom we have worked hard to build a better future.” said Mr. Ilian Grigorov, founder and CEO of Blox.

“Realizing the idea of creating a hospital for rehabilitation on such a scale was a bold undertaking. We had trusted partners and professionals during the construction process, so I am convinced that the result will be more than satisfactory. I believe that the center will significantly improve the health sector services and will help many people to recover and regain a normal lifestyle.” added the co-founder and CEO of Blox, Blagoy Palev.

In the preparation and construction of these services, Blox has collaborated with the most prestigious rehabilitation center in the world – Shirley Ryan Ability Lab, which has been number one in the United States over the past three decades and has the largest budget in the world. The building project was managed by one of the leading architectural studios for hospitals – HKS Architects.

“When Mr. Grigorov contacted me to present the hospital’s project, I was convinced of the success of the end result. Implementing and building this center inspired us to work hard and do our very best regarding this cause. Because when we talk about people’s health, work becomes a mission.” said the owner of the construction company “Diana Commerce.”

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